Department of Surgical Disciplines

"Although laparoscopic surgery is being practiced worldwide for the last 17 years, yet the opportunities for a structured training to teach and train laparoscopic skills lack across continents.

Name Designation
Dr. M. C. Misra Former Director AIIMS & Head dept of Surgery Disciplines Founder Course Director
Dr. Anurag Srivastava Professor & Head (Course Director)
Dr. Sunil Chumber Professor
Dr. Rajinder Parshad Professor (Course Director)
Dr. V. Seenu Professor (Course Director)
Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal Professor
Dr. Virinder Kumar Bansal Professor (Course Director and Convener)
Dr. Anita Dhar Professor
Dr. Subodh Kumar Professor (Trauma Centre)
Dr. Amit Gupta Professor
Dr. Sushma Professor
Dr. Maneesh Singhal Professor
Dr. Biplab Mishra Professor
Dr Hemanga K Bhattachrajee Associate Professor (Course Co-ordinator)
Dr. Asuri Krishna Assistant Professor
Dr. Piyush Ranjan Assistant Professor
Dr. Manjunath Maruti Pol Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohit Joshi Assistant Professor
Dr. Yashwant Rathore Assistant Professor
Dr. Suhani Assistant Professor
Dr. Kamal Kataria Assistant Professor
Dr. Om Prakash Assistant professor (Course Co-ordinator)
Dr. Abhinav Kumar Assistant Professor (Trauma Centre)
Dr. Pratyusha Priyadarshni Assistant Professor (Trauma Centre)
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Bagaria Assistant Professor (Trauma Centre)
Dr. Narender Choudhary Assistant Professor (Trauma Centre)

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